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Network Security

STRATEQ BUSINESSHUB servers are hosted in STRATEQ Data Center with state of art security system that operates round the clock on 24 x 7 basis. Firewalls and filtering routers are installed to establish a barrier between the corporate and STRATEQ BUSINESSHUB network and the external Internet. Audit trail is available and both STRATEQ BUSINESSHUB system and its transactions are subjected to audition by external auditors.

Transaction Security

Transaction confidentiality and message confidentiality is accomplished by using encryption that secures the communications link between computers. STRATEQ BUSINESSHUB adopt 128 bits SSL protocol to provide privacy for data flowing between clients and servers. STRATEQ BUSINESSHUB ensure information integrity by adopting error detection codes, checksums, sequence numbers, and encryption techniques operating on the entire message or selected fields within the message. Transaction security can further strengthened by using Digital Signatures and Digital Certificates. The supplier is assured that the data it receives is from an authorized buyer.

Internet Security

To ensure Internet security, methods adopted include firewall for perimeter security, authentication of users and servers and 128 bits Secure Sockets Layer encryption.

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